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the analysis here is Taken from: and is the inquisitive work of one Stephen Chung. A smart lad I have to say... very intellectual indeed.

It is my strong belief that Neon Genesis Evangelion is strongly influenced by the Kabbalah and the Sephiroth Tree of Life.

Much has been written about the Kabbalistic symbolism in Evangelion, but I have found that Director Anno's messages run deeper than that. In fact, a closer analysis of the stages in the Tree of Life indicates that each main character in Evangelion parallels a single sephira. Each shows all the virtues, vices, illusions and obligations of their parallel sephira on the Tree of Life, and each either succeeds or fails to achieve fulfillment based on that sephira. Ultimately, Director Anno may be expressing his view of life through these impersonified sephiroth stages.

And it is my intention here to discover such connections. It may all be coincidences, but some of the observations outlined below are interesting, to say the least.

    Ikari shinji

    ayanami rei

    souryu asuka langley

    katsuragi misato

    ikari gendo

    akagi ritsuko

    Kaji ryouji